Thursday, August 14, 2014

Lazy Summer Afternoon-9x12

Workshop News
there are still a few spaces left if you want to paint with me for five days in maine! i'll be on Mt. Desert Island (near Bar Harbor) at Acadia Workshop Center first week of September
Just dropped off at Rowley Gallery, Orleans Cape Cod
contact them at 508-247-0444

Friday, August 8, 2014

Summer Stroll-8x10

Summer Stroll-8x10
available at Rowley Gallery, Cape Cod
email me to Purchase
to see another painting just completed on the cape go to
the galleries FB page here


People to People Cultural Exchange
 Well its official. I'll be painting and teaching in Havana, Cuba this coming December. We'll be taking folks who would like to paint with me as well as visiting Cuban artist's studios as part of an official "People to People Cultural Exchange".
 I've wanted to paint Cuba since I started going to Key West in the winter.  Just this past winter, Gallery on Greene had many of Cuba's top artists come to Key West for a very successful exhibit. At nearly the same time, the Cuban National Museum was exhibiting Cuban American Mario Sanchez's work. Something that doesn't happen every day, I might add. Sanchez lived and painted in Key West for most of his life and is considered the preeminent Cuban American folk artist.
 While you're in Cuba you could spend most of the day painting and/or visiting the working art studios of some of Cuba's top artists.
 The trip is planned for December 7th-12th. This is a once in a lifetime experience and promises to be full of painting and people to people exchange with Cuban artists. If you'd like to join me please email Karen Wray at Gallery on Greene, for the details.  Their email address is: Don't delay if you want to go, since December is right around the corner and the trip is already starting to fill. Spaces are limited.  Deposits are currently being taken, with final payments due by September 16th!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Cape Street-24x30

Cape Street
Headed to Rowley Gallery, Cape Cod
contact me for details

Wellfleet morning light. Cant wait to get back up to the cape and paint. leaving soon!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wish You Were Here-30x40

The new and revised Wish You Were Here. I lightened (and warmed with yellow ochre and orange) the sky and water, added sparks of pure color sparodically and warmed the light side of the trees and grass. this is truer to my concept of the painting which by the way looks very little like the photo reference. to see that scroll down a few posts.
this ones headed to Atelier Gallery in Charleston.

You can still bid on this 16x20 silent auction piece I painted a few years ago. its been leaning on my studio wall too long. I want somebody to take it home.  any reasonable bid accepted. Shipping is $15.
 email me your bid before midnite Saturday.
NOTE: no NC, SC, Key West or Cape Cod folks please.


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Wellfleet Shapes-12x16

Wellfleet Shapes- 12x16

above is what I'm using for reference for this painting. it was a plein air study from last year on the cape.
today I started playing with an acrylic underpainting with cape cod underpainting colors, to speed up the painting process. I don't really like having to wait for two days to start putting down the topcoat so I'm using an acrylic underpainting like Dan Nelson uses. I was painting the sides of my gallery wrapped canvases with acrylic all week,  and liked it because it dried so fast, so I thought this might speed things up in the studio, production-wise. whats nice is I will go back in in a few minutes and darken and and/or add rich color on top of this without having to wait till tomorrow. one thing I see I need to darken is the tree to the left behind the buildings. right now its to light in value and too red (warm), Its the value of white in shadow like the buildings to the left. NOT good! Good thing is i'll be able to fix that and it'll be dry in minutes and I'll be able to paint green on it tonite with oil. 
I love slapping the acrylic around with huge, crappy brushes. it keeps the painting loose and I'm not "rendering" it but thinking this shape with this value and this temperature.
I use to paint acrylic underpaintings a few years back, but it dried too fast outside, so I abandoned it. now the question is will I underpaint one way big in the studio and another way small, plein air?
after much reading then and now I think the key is to paint the acrylic super thin, so its not shiny. then the oil can adhere to it fine.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Wish You Were Here-30x40

Wish You Were Here
 email me for price and availability

Don't forget the silent auction for Overlooking the New River 16x20, is on till Saturday at midnite. Highest bid will take it no matter what that may be.
go ahead and make a bid!
remember- ONLY non NC, Key West, SC, and Cape Cod folks can participate.

the image is one or two posts down.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Edges and Masses

these two pics are close-ups of a painting on the easel today. 90% done just wanna tweak a little after I live with em a few days.
note to self: remember how you did this cloud, sky and trees. cloud mass soft and fuzzy, nice color harmonies with the shadow side violet leaning red. shadows on trees are blues and reds with green scrubbed in to change the mass to read green. tree lights are orange with yellow green scrubbed in. skyhole- blue was scrubbed over darker pink and turquoise and light blue scrubbed into the bottom half. sweeeet.

less worries about being literal with the photo which is hard for an ex illustrator/sign painter. like the greens scrubbed over the rich blues and violets, red/violets, and letting bits of the rich color peek out.
all I'm concerned these days are the differences in the masses and less about the reference material. can feel the style shifting. there are very very few places of neutral paint tho' it reads as if there are. the eye is doing a lot of the mixing versus me doing it.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Overlooking the New River-16x20

This ones been in and out of the studio for several years now and its time to do a silent auction, a very popular thing i do on here from time to time. been a while since I did a silent auction so here goes.
going to sell it to the highest bidder that sends me an email in the next week. no kidding. bidding will end next Saturday night at midnite
whats the most you wanna pay for this. send me a bid!
its 16x20 on stretched canvas
no Cape Cod, Key West, SC, or NC bids please!
shipping $20 in U.S.

Overlooking the New River-16x20

I just pulled the below painting out of the finished pile and painted some of the cape school colors back onto what I considered a dull painting. wow, I juiced it up already. more realistic stuff will go on top of it when this is dry.

this blog will be invaluable to me in the future as I'll be able to go back and look and my evolution as a painter. I can see paintings from my very beginnings and watch as my style, technique, etc. changes from year to year and concept/vision to concept/vision.

I've always been very interested in the "process" of painting. don't really care what the painting is of, as much as how I paint my vision of it. at first it was about seeing the light ont these objects in its most honest environment, which would be plein air. then it evolved into how to capture the sparkle of that impressionistic vision. now its seems to be more about painting large (either inside or out) and having fun with the shapes even at the expense of "reality". more about the surface of the canvas

ive always had a tool in my toolbox that I called "de-volving" the image, but it was a very underdeveloped muscle. in these big ones my vision is much more expressionistic and personal using the plein air study and/or photo as a launching point. so I'm strengthening this de-volving muscle lately.then once I get the feel for what I want I sling large brushes loaded with varying degrees of opacity around (thanks dan!) trying to lose lots of the forms into one another.  then I think I'm trying to bring back the focal point out of that. dreaminess has, and I imagine always will, always been part of my painting equation. I go for that seconds-before-you-wake-up-from-a-dream look. just the beautiful, most important shapes, colors, and delineation.

this week ive been de-volving paintings I thought were finished. I went back into them with rich out of the tube color to bring back a lot of the snap they had on day two. the process of painting covered up the part I like the best. so I went back in and put that in. then i'll act like its day three. if I keep doing this to what I considered finished paintings, i'll have to stop posting them so soon. gotta go back and delete three of these what I thought were done deals, from the blog and replace them with the todays "finished".

a close up of adding reds and blues back into a dull painting! funny thing is I didn't think they were dull last week when I finished them!
i'll go back and get rid of about half of that red (and orange) you see in the grass. i'll keep just enough for that spark I get if I don't paint too much green on the surface or its not dry enough to cover without mixing (graying) on day three. which I invariably do tho' I don't want to. I'm beginning to see that layering over dry paint is the key to doing this. so much for all my stuff being alla prima anymore. oh well.
on the boat painting at the top of the post I added orange to the light side of the grass, pink back into the water to the left of the glare, pink in the roof, translucscent lavender into the bost and shed, and orange all the way around the edges of the shapes. i'll then go back and paint over about half of that to get rid of it where its 'obnoxious'.
keep your fingers crossed for me!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sittin' Pretty-24x30

Sittin' Pretty
email me for price and availability
wow! look a the looseness of this one. drips, scrubby strokes, large brush frenzied controlled chaos, one stroke bravura brushwork, thick thin, scratches (thanks for the scratch technique Dan N)

Time Standing Still
email me for price and availability
more coming off the easel. has been a really productive week. I'm in my groove. here's what the average day looks like. wake up and eat, then play some steel drum in the morning. block in a canvas or two. eat lunch. work on paintings in varying stages of completion in the afternoon. take a nap. more easel time till supper. more steel drum practice and a little more easel time. a little marketing and setting up workshop stuff on the computer. late night snack ( I know awful right?) who cares! then bed about 1 am.
wake up do it all again. getting about five large paintings done a week not counting some smaller ones here and there. the paint seems to flow out all by itself when you get a life-rhythm like this going on. I think the start and stop lifestyle I sometimes lead is counter productive to serious quality painting. painting isn't like painting a house where its mindless putting on of paint 100% of the time. painting pictures is 10% putting on of paint and 90% spent thinking about how you want to put on the paint. you have to be in the right frame of mind to do it effectively?

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

work in progress day two

The Acadia Maine workshop is officially a go! still seats available if you want to paint on gorgeous Mt. Desert Island on the upcoming Labor Day holiday (the best weather in maine). just contact Acadia Workshop Center and tell Gail you wanna attend. you wont regret it, I promise!
forgot to shoot pic of day one on this monster sized painting but it had a crazy out of the tube orange for the dirt, orangeish/pink for the sky and purples and violets for the boats and shed in shadow.
on day two, I went over all that dry paint (key to colorful paintings-no mud) with a less saturated mixture of yellow ochre and orange with gray in it. then I put a less saturated purple down and got a few variations of value in the boat. green grass in shadow and grass in light. then I went over the sky with a pretty saturated manganese/cerulean blue and then i scrubbed in a slightly lighter value of yellow/yellow ochre mix into the bottom half of the sky to warm it up. I might leave the sky as is as I'm pretty happy with it (in present context) as is. dirt might need some cooling off and graying down but its a really good underpaint color. like the pinkish roof on the little shed to the right of the bow too. might leave it as is too. liking the white reflection but i'll probably add some warmth to it
the glare is going to be the star of the show so i'll give that area a lot of thought and painting time.
spend more time on the focal point than anywhere else on the painting (inch for inch)

Monday, July 7, 2014

Wish You Were Here-30x40

Wish You Were Here
email for price and availability
finished this one up today. after looking at the photo on here tho, I'm going to soften the  the front edges of the clouds a little. they look a little too "puffy" for me. I'll blend the front edges and get a lost and found effect that will take care of that. other than that its done. I like the looseness and color especially. something I've been focusing on in recent months.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Today and Forever-24x30

Today and Forever
email for price and availability
fresh paint! been on a painting binge here lately. I'm excited about the work, so it makes me want to get in the studio and be productive. finally the big ones are as loose and colorful as my plein air studies. not to mention, its great to be in the studio when its 95 degrees out with 95% humidity. plein air is no fun in those conditions.
today the hurricane is bearing down on my beach town. I don't see anybody boarding up anything so I'm thinking like everybody else that it wont be that bad. the only sign of panic ive seen so far is one lady coming out of the grocery store with half dozen gallons of water. see that kinda rubs me wrong. if everybody did that the shelf would be empty really quick then nobody could get even ONE and they might need it worse than she needs six. I don't know, I might catch flack on that. been watching too much Curb Your Enthusiasm lately. the hero of the comedy is always pointing stuff like that out and everybody ridicules him for his opinions. hilarious.
hope you like the painting even if you don't like my take on the water hoarder!  :)

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Early Morning Skiff 2-16x20

Early Morning Skiff 2
contact me for availability and price

I took a bunch of paintings to galleries lately and you always get some you really liked back in return.
like orphans who keep getting left behind at the orphanage, some of em are good kids. sure they've got their little flaws but I cant understand why nobody wants to "adopt/buy" them. so I say, must be something the buyers just cant overlook. so I threw this one on the easel to see what could be done after not looking at it for the last 12 months (tho its actually a few years old)

first thing I decided to do was wash warmth all over it with a glaze. it looked a little too cool to me. I'm thinking the original was probably closer to the original light key but the electric company doesn't care about that at all. they want my money for lights this month. I gotta sell this puppy. ok I'm exaggerating but I cant help but keep playing the starving artist role ive perfected all these years.

then I took out all the paraphernalia on the boat and the boat numbers. strengthened the trailer and fooled with the shadow (darkenening the value) under the boat and made some darker shapes in the background trees adding some warmth (and some blue) to the shadows and made better shapes on the ones I thought were awkward. will anybody notice? doubtful but I think its like....if you don't comb your hair its not so bad but if you don't comb your hair, brush your teeth, or put on a clean shirt, its the cumulative effect that'll kill ya. the less little things ive got wrong with this piece the better it'll look overall.

hopefully, another painting saved from the brutal and violent "sand down" day that happens when I'm in a funk. haven't had one of those in a while, so I'm due.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Mid Tide2- 18x24

Mid Tide2 
email me for availability and price
I like this one from Swansboro. what a great shape the little creek makes right? and the color of the light is very summer morning-ish. hopefully you can feel the humidity in the air too.

Monday, June 30, 2014

South Harbor in Afternoon Sun-24x30

 South Harbor in Afternoon Light
email for price and availability
one of the newer pieces coming off the easel this week. all these are from the Atlantic, NC trip I just got back from. it really lit a fire under my muse and she's giving me all kinds of mojo.

here's the photo reference for the one below 
the black marks on the acetate (taped over my laptop screen) are for accurately placing the paintings big pieces on the much larger canvas.

something I have on the easel this week. a 24x30 I believe.
here, I've got the block-in in basically three different colors. blueish purple for the darks, yellowy orange for the grass and lit parts of the trees and pinks for the water and sky. I let all this dry thoroughly then I use glazes and opaque paint to put more realistic color over the crazy colors
workshop news
I have a workshop in Raleigh NC, this month on how to mix any color with a limited palette of red, yellow, blue and white. email me if youre interested in signing up. its at jerrys artarama around the middle of the month.

in other news my new calypso/steel drum act (calypso kid) is going great. I'm playing around topsail island the whole month of july, during the dinner/ tiki bar happy hours. my next gig is at the Trailer Bar this Thursday and Friday from 4-7 and Buddys from 8-10. if youre on the island come check out some of my island style steel drum music. I started playing the pan down in key west this past winter and have found my new favorite instrument.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Crossing Over-18x24

Crossing Over-18x24
email me for price and availability
started outside and finished inside. this is the draw bridge to beaufort.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Blue Heaven- 36x48

Blue Heaven- 36x48
email for price and availability 

here are couple just coming out of the pipeline. working on a much bigger scale these days. 8x10's are going to seem like postage stamps!
 changed a few things to keep them loose this big. using brushes that trim house painters would use. then I'm working transparent, translucent and opaque back and forth as needed. this came about after spending a few days watching dan nelson use transparent washes on his paintings with great success. I thought hey I can steal that! what happens is you have more flexibility with edges which is something I highly treasure. I use the opaque paint when I want a hard edge and the translucent when I want a lost edge. then you can glaze a temperature difference on a shape from left to right (or top to bottom) very efficiently, without changing the value at all. thanks for that Dan!

then I started using turpenoid natural instead of vegetable oil to clean color out of brushes. now its a snap to clean all the paint out of these monster brushes, plus I'm getting comfortable working on stretched canvas. its weird. these little things were keeping me from enjoying working on bigger stuff. now I'm having a blast!

I'm colorizing the paintings more as well. a progression I started this winter. I'm liking what I'm doing not being so literal. using intuitive color versus being a slave to reality. I want my stuff to have "honest" light but keep it unexpected at the same time. is that even possible? we'll see.
i'll be the featured artist at ArtSource in Raleigh the month of july. if you get to north hills mall come see some of my new work there.

Marsh Reflections- 24x30
email for price and availability

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Mid Day at the Marina- 18x24

Mid Day at the Marina- 18x24
email me for availability and price
Did this gallery wrapped canvas in beaufort nc. the sky really was working for me on this painting. I like the feel of the light too. seems 'honest'

also started this one today from a photo taken a few years ago in marshallberg nc, near harkers island. was clicking thru images and this one caught my fancy today so I decided to paint it.
thanks to seeing dan nelson keep a painting from a photo fun and loose, I'm doing more of the huge ones inside. plus the fact that it was near 100 degrees today! wow it was nice to be in the a/c. i'll work this one some more when the washes dry. you can see that I really like warmer underpaintings no matter what kind of light I'm going to paint over it. hard to tell but its going to be water, sky and marsh painting. funny, it looks like a field now. talk about loose!
dan got me experimenting with some transparent washes and I showed him cape cod underpainting. he said he wanted to give it a try. so i'll wash on some transparent "realistic" colors over this underpainting in the next step. the when that's dry i'll paint opaquely and try not to mess it up.
here's the reference photo I'm working from. cool cloud right?

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Three Upcoming Shows

not dead. promise!
been busy painting for three shows a few weeks away. First one is City Art Gallery in Greenville this Thursday and then again at the Coral Bay Country Club on july 6th. Then one at Carolina Creations where i'll be in a three person show with Janet Francouer and Dan Nelson. Both are fantastic artists so check it out if youre in New Bern on july 11 from 5-8.
then I'll be the featured artist at Art Source in Raleigh the last of july.
just got back from a painting trip for a week with my buds jimmy womble and dan nelson. we were off to a small town down east called Atlantic. everywhere you turn is a painting and I'd say its as paintable as monhegan island. that's quite the endorsement considering I love love love painting on monhegan. by the way, two of the six seats are gone for my 2015 Mentoring Workshop on monhegan island. This year i'll be on Mount Desert Island at Acadia Workshop Center Labor Day week. a few seats are still available. wanna be painting cliffs, lobster traps and beautiful harbors full of fishing boats for a whole week. Sign up!
heres some of the ones from the trip that I tweaked this morning.

Atlantic Cul de Sac 8x10
contact me for availability and price
Down East 12x16
contact me for availability and price

Down East Marsh 36x48
contact me for availability and price

Ferry to the Banks 18x24
contact me for availability and price

Fixer Uppers 18x24
contact me for availability and price

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


DEMO- 8x10-oil on cardboard painting panel
(Note: not 100 year archival but it'll last as long as you and I are around!) thus the lower price
$100 plus $10 s/h
to purchase with PayPal or credit card click the "buy now" button below

Looks like Tuscany right? if you want it to be it is, if you want it to be texas it could be that also. i'll let you decide. I'm not going to say. LOL
Last day to sign up for Atlanta plein air workshop this weekend. email me if you wanna get in the workshop. its Friday thru Sunday in Buckhead at the Binders Art Store.