Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Georgetown Waterfront-SOLD

Found a really cool place to paint in South Carolina called Georgetown. i saw something i thought i wanted to paint and was trying to get to it and stumbled on a honey hole of boats, marsh and quaint old houses. so i did this one and about two more before the clouds covered up my sun. Back at home for a day or two before off to raleigh to paint college campuses for a theme show i'm in at ArtSource in raleigh. one of these days i'll sleep in my own bed for more than a night or two. and you thought us painters were slackers lying around goofing off and painting a picture once in a while. c'mon i know you did. thats what i used to think before becoming one.

come see me at City Art Gallery in Greenville thursday night from 5:30- 9 where i'll be doing a demo. my friend Jacqueline Perry will be doing one too. come check us out!
almost forgot.... doing a demo at Jerry in Raleigh Saturday from 1-4 also. where can i get one of those slacker job applications LOL

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