Wednesday, July 17, 2013

$100-Green Monster-8x7.5

Painted on archival paper designed for oil paint mounted on Masonite panel
$100 plus $10 s/h
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I love doing these guys holding up their fish. the colors of the flesh (orange) against the water and sky (blues, purples) and the subtle color shifts in everything.

I painted this one on a new archival paper designed for oil paint. then I mount it to Masonite so can set it on a little table easel or frame. i'm trying out the surface to see if its something i'll like. so far I love it. its a little absorbent but the paint slides around on there like my panels if I load up the brush with paint.
 this is a larger painting at the smaller painting price. wont last long so click that button above. great gift for that fisherman of yours!
seeing these shifts in temperature is a learned skill. you take a shape and really study how, where, and more importantly why it changes within that small section. that combined with my recent desire to REALLY  simplify my figurative painting to just the huge shapes using bravura (surehanded) brushwork. see it, analyze it, mix the color, load the brush (as much as it'll hold) and try to lay down a stroke once and never touch it again. a principal I teach in my workshops.
speaking of that-- i'll be teaching private lessons on Cape Cod, Massachusetts starting the first week of august. if you'd like to work with me once, or twice, or even weekly, email me and lets set something up. fee is $35 first hour of each day and $25 each hour after that. weekly students get a discount.

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