Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bigger Piece from this Mornings Study

City Lights- 16x12
coming to a gallery near you!

Suprised i could concentrate on this painting this afternoon. the Weather Channel said there was a tornado setting down in my neighborhood. i kept a nervous ear out for the "train" they say you hear before youre ripped from the ground and sent into the next county!


Frank Gardner said...

I like the little on site piece Mike, but this one really sings! Good one!
Glad the "freight train" did not interrupt this one.

mike rooney said...

thanks. that gives me the confidence i sorely lack when it comes to doing larger studio paintings from studies. i tend to not have the "panic" or the "passion" i have when doing em outside. i kept this larger one loose but with a the little bit more detail you want with a bigger piece
preesh the nice words.
i'm realllllly scared of tornadoes. theyre so random and obliterate everthing in their path. you dont stand a chance if one hits you. glad it went somewhere else. maybe i did have a little "panic" going on didnt i? LOL

Frank Gardner said...

It is always a battle for me when I take a smaller plein air and make a larger studio piece from it.
Gotta not try and just copy it stroke for stroke, but I try and get the freshness.

You did a good job with this one!

mike rooney said...

its a Catch 22 isnt it? i do the larger one because i really like the study. then you try to "not" copy it. just seems kinda counter-intuitive. the hardest thing is to keep that quick spontaneous feel.
you do a fantastic job of keeping your bigger pieces looking like the studies.
how can i keep my bigger ones from being stiff and lifeless compared to the plein air studies? something about painting bigger 16x20 and up under studio lights inside perplexes me. any tips?