Saturday, September 20, 2008

Raleigh Near NC State, on Oberlin Road

Community Grocery- 6x8

this is one of those little groceries from the old days that has survived the test of time. even in these days of stock market dives, Mega Walmarts, Fast Food mega-chains etc. this ones still making the city's best sandwiches for lunch when thousands of other businesses have failed and closed.
the sun played peek-a-boo a couple times during this one but i stayed with the hazy lighting effect as evidenced by the subtle shadow on the light blue bldg and the shadow from the sign on the green roof.

if you like this one i can paint one for YOU any size you like from 6x8 up to 24x30, if you'll email me!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Terrific Mike- amidst all the loose, gestural strokes, there lies a hint of your precision as a sign maker in the sharp, clean lines of the peaked roof.

You've got such a neat way of using a lot of color and still not making your subjects look carnival like.

Do you tone your canvas before starting?