Sunday, October 10, 2010

Back from Italian Gig

Just returned from my trip teaching in Tuscany, Italy.
What a trip! The food, the beautiful landscape, and what a great workshop.
Dont know if you've traveled abroad lately but it is quite the ordeal. Then planes getting in late make you late for your connecting flight and next thing you know youre whole itinerary is shot. Oh well.....i got to see Arezzo, and Toronto (for the night) and i wasnt even supposed to.
But once i was there i found the light in tuscany to be beautiful and the atmospheric effect of the distant mountains made them the most beautiful medium blue. the fall light on the cedars, fields, and villas made you want to paint every minute. Tho the weather was somewhat uncooperative when we first got there , it cleared up nicely and made me want to paint even more once the sun did finally make its appearance.
Now to the food. All of it was fantastic. the brusciotta (like salami) the ravioli, tuscan soup, and wild boar to name a few!
I found the people very nice and tho i couldnt speak with them, they at least made an effort to understand my pantomine gesturing as i tried to communicate with them.
i'll post the paintings i did over there in a few days. was blessed to sell everything i painted to workshop participants and their spouses as mementos of their trip to one of the most beautiful places around.
Heading to Ocean City Maryland to teach in the next couple of weeks and then on to a joint workshop with Kathy Weber in Providence, Rhode Island. Then off to the Cape for my one man show of interior and chef paintings at the Elizabeth Rowley Gallery in Orleans.


jimmy craig said...

Rooney! Glad you had a great trip! Welcome home, can't wait to see what you came back with, though you may have sold it all! Heading up to Phili in 2 days to do a workshop with Stuart Shils at PAFA. Not quite the breathtaking views of the Italian countryside, but at least a change in venue. Try to call you before I head out.

DGehman said...

It's great that you're back. Can't wait to see the paintings and/or any pix you took.

Steve said...

Mike, fyi, you have email...don't know if your computer is fixed yet or not but I wanted to let you know.

Justin Holdren said...

Can't wait to see the paintings Mike!

mike rooney studios said...

jimmy- good luck with the workshop and i'll try to call you soon

dave- will post asap and will see you soon at the rhode island workshop

steve- thanks. got the laptop back so i'll check out your email

justin- waiting for the photos that a friend took over there of the sold paintings. will post asap