Thursday, January 19, 2012

SOLD-Crystal Blue Persuasion-8x8


just so you dont think all i do is paint and dont have any other kind of fun, i posted this pic of a fun night of playing ukelele at the reknowned green parrot bar in key west (almost as famous as sloppy joe's).they have a uke group that meets monthly for a jam session and you can get on stage and be a rock star (was tiny tim a rock star?) for a night. at least i can scratch "play a musical instrument in front of an audience" off my bucket list. its a really cool happening because about 30 people show up with every kind of uke imaginable and you take turns on stage.and even when youre not near a mic, youre out in the crowd playing, so its like surround sound uke music. the folks not playing are singing along, dancing, and its a real hoot. cant wait to do it again next month.


Sharon DiGiulio said...

You're starting to act like a local...Have fun tonight!

Karsten said...

This little thing is a gem - the bold, subtle as well as reflected light, the deep shadows, the clear water - I found myself looking for fish on the bottom!

Christine Klinger said...

Nice song. Nice painting too. The bar sounds like fun.

Carol Adamec said...

Hey Mike, Very nice color and light in this painting. And you're multi-talented, too. Great!

mike rooney studios said...

sharon- cindy had a HUGE turnout. my demo went great. thanks

karsten- the water was really fun to find different colors in

christine-the bar is a blast!

carol- i fool around with alot of stuff and i'm a "master of none" but thanks!