Sunday, January 8, 2012

SOLD-Lavendar and Awnings

more metal awnings!
rene and i during a one-on-one plein air class

after simplifying the scene i showed rene how to block in the scene quickly using blue for the shadows and yellow ochre for the light shapes. then we added the real colors where they went. he was having a ball as you can see from that big smile on his face and his painting came out great!


Linda Popple said...

You are sooo good at getting the light! Love this!

Christine Klinger said...

Very nice piece, Mike. Great light/shadow feel.
P.S. I noticed you're on Daily Paint Works site. Do you like it? Has it been helpful? It looks great.

Marla said...

You're a great teacher, Mike!

mike rooney studios said...

thanks linda and christine. i love my work!

marla- youre too kind! i love showing people what little ive picked up over the years. i have the best job in the world

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