Monday, July 23, 2012

SOLD-Brother and Sister-6x8

The Acadia Maine Workshop in Bar Harbor the week of Labor Day, is now officially a go! Yeah! There are a few spots left if you want to paint maine, eat lobster, and improve your painting! email me to register

this was a demo for a private lesson i was teaching last week. one of the lessons was that you dont have to paint everything thats in the scene before you plein air (or in a photo for that matter) you can add, subtract, modify, move stuff around! its all about the painting. the scene in front of you is nothing more than the take-off point for the painting.

its like in music. you make a little three or four note sequence of notes called a "riff". around that riff you improvise and make stuff that enhances the way that riff or little sequence sounds. its the "homebase" that you always come back to. you can go wherever the music takes you long as you enhance that riff.

the scene is then the riff. you do everything you can to enhance the riff. the painting is the "music" created or the end product.

in this one i took out about six houses and gave the homeowners instant waterfront property, tho the actual houses are on what we call "second row". second row is across the street from the beach front cottages. tho' they were much cheaper to buy because they arent ocean front, if they stay around long enough, and the hurricanes keep eating the dunes (and the beach)  they will surely be ocean front at some point!

note: i even changed the direction of the ocean had these houses been waterfront. the ocean would have been running down the left side of these houses!