Monday, July 16, 2012

SOLD-Misty M sideview-6x6

i had to paint this, just had to. something about the composition and color notes drew be back to this scene of the misty m. she used to be docked around the corner but i love her new home. its great when there are some trees behind a boat. gives a sense of scale and who doesnt love some red/violet on green action? its called a split complement and works great.

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here's my large painting setup. its a gloucester easel and my custom paintbox. i use it for anything over 9x12 and works great. i've got some of the paintboxes in production as we speak. if youve ever been to one of my workshops or seen me do a demo, you saw it.its the only one i use anymore and ive had em all from soltek to french easels, and this one is the bomb. almost 12x16 mixing area and wings like a french mistress on the sides to hold stuff. this is the only paintbox you'll ever need. if you'd like one email me. the cost will be roughly $150. the box is extremely versatile, lite and has glass already in it. can be rigged like above or you can use a tripod.

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