Tuesday, August 28, 2012

SOLD-Boatyard Corner-6x8

got into a boatyard very early one morning and saw this striking scene. my favorite part of the painting is the warm beautiful color note of reflected light on the shade side of the hull.
the trick to reflected light is to make sure that the reflected color is not too light in value and that it reads warmer (or cooler) than the surrounding color without breaking up the mass. thats something hawthorne and hensche always stressed at the cape school. another one that said it all the time was charles sovek.
this blog has been going on for years now and when you blather on as much as i do you forget what you wrote, but check this out. dont get frustrated with all the things you have to remember to do when youre painting! ive had a very successful trial lawyer, and then later a surgery wiz, tell me that they thought  painting was really tough! so take heart! anything worth doing is worth whatever you have to do, to do it well.

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