Tuesday, August 14, 2012

NFS-18x24-Under the Pier at Surf City

Under the Pier at Surf City- SOLD
note: dont know how it works when youre a subscriber to my blog,  but i posted three times today and dont know if only the top one shows up in your mailbox, or not. if you just see one post go to mikerooneystudios.blogspot.com to see the other two (theyre both for sale)

done on a july evening when the sun was just starting to strike under the pier. i love doing this motif so if you'd like one, drop me an email and we'll talk!

Also dont forget i've got a workshop in Bar Harbor Maine at the Acadia Workshop Center Labor Day week. if you'd like to sign up drop me an email and i'll get you up with Gail the sponsor.

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