Tuesday, March 6, 2012

SOLD-Further Down Elgin Lane-7x9

i've got plein air workshops in west palm beach and fort pierce fl, coming up in a few weeks. the dates are over in the right sidebar. also will be adding goldsboro nc in may sometime.let me know if you want to come to any of these.

 in WPB i'll be doing a session or two on outdoor still life. cape school teacher henry hensche insisted that all painting be done from life in outdoor light. even if the still lifes were set up in studios, i'm sure all, if not most were done in studios with north light coming in the window lighting the objects. wasnt there at the school, but thats my guess. i dont care to paint my subject under artificial light. it looks too.... uh huh you know!


Christine Klinger said...

When you said "outdoor landscapes" I thought at first you meant details or small, natural, found scenes, which I've been interested in lately. If you ever teach something like that I might be into it. I'm glad your KW opening went well; good luck with the rest of it.

Don Gray said...

Beautiful, Mike! Great color and painterly feel. I can almost hear the "click" as that design just locks together.

mike rooney studios said...

christine-the workshop in west palm beach will have afternoon sessions where i'll teach how to paint outdoor still lifes. pots, big shells, fruit, maybe floral setups. let me know if that interests you and we'll go from there.