Monday, March 26, 2012

$75- Rt. 1 into Paradise-6x8

$75 plus $10 s/h
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havent posted in a while. havent painted in a while. unfortunately i was kiteboarding one afternoon last week, and had a little accident. cut my foot open and broke the little toe. so everyday after teaching on it i'd have to go ice it down and elevate it. probably shoulda got a stitch or three, but thats for cry babies LOL but it did stop me from the daily paintings. well i think i'm back in action so you'll see more on here than you have lately. Met a really nice painter named anne ireland today. she's doing a residency at the Studios of Key West and is teaching a workshop in a few days. google her name and maine and you'll get her website. really really nice stuff. i think she said she studied with connie hayes as well. check her out.
p.s. if you google green parrot key west and find their website some friends and i will be on the live webcam jamming some bluegrass and western swing music tomorrow night (tuesday) starts around 8 and goes till about 11. playboy magazine once rated the green parrot the third most popular bar in america. the place has music going almost around the clock and open to the street all the way around two of the four sides. cool place. check it out if youre ever in key west!


DGehman said...

Crikey, Mike.

Jeez, don't tap your foot tomorrow night!

DGehman said...

By the way, if you're going to 'board *AND* refuse stitches, you might want to lay in a supply of 3M Steri-strips... you can actually get them on eBay.

Bhavna said...

Hi.. this is Bhavna and I truly admire your work. You really have an unconventional style, although quite different from mine but I

genuinely respect it because it is unique. It would be great if you see my work at and we exchange our thoughts and broaden our insights.