Sunday, March 4, 2012

Just Off Newton St-SOLD

a cool set of houses in the afternoon sun. the thing about painting these narrow streets is that you cant back way up from the scene so you have to drop the size of things (for instance) to get two houses and a car on a 7x9 panel and you feel like your painting it 10 feet from the houses. most times cars have to pull over to let another past, the streets are so narrow. i like that i have a car in this one but it doesnt call out for too much attention. 

the show went great and i sold Keys Waterfront Dining and the 8x10 i did on Pidgeon Key, last night. guess i'll have to start doing larger ones more regularly. s my friend ray from tidewater gallery says, "those big ones have wall presence!"

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jimmy craig womble said...

Conrats, Rooney! Nice to leave an opening with a little change in the pocket. Hope you are heading back this way soon, it's been pretty nice for a while, things are budding out inland already.