Friday, June 29, 2012

$100-Atlantic Daydreamin'-6x8

$100 plus $10 s/h
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from the coastal town called Atlantic. its some of the best downeast coastal painting territory known to man! two miles north of nowhere and chock full of painting subjects.
one my new tricks. when the paintings "finished" turn the thing upside down to catch weird shapes or tangents, colors that arent working etc. turning it upside down is the same thing as looking at it in a mirror which i'm sure youve heard before, gives you a new perspective so you can see things that you'd otherwise miss. staring at something for several hours keeps you from "seeing" the mistakes others will undoubtedly show you in front of a crowd of people after its hanging up. OUCH! hehehe
headed out to a harmonica gig tonite (and tomorrow night) after a satisfying week of painting. now thats living the life. happy weekend everybody!


Douglas Clark said...

As someone who doesn't live near the sea, your paintings are such a treat for me. I always enjoy seeing them.

Justin Holdren said...

24 x 30 on location? That's pretty sweet! I still haven't managed to get anything bigger plein air than 16 x 20. Awesome light and shadow shapes.

mike rooney studios said...

doug i cant imagine my life away from the coast. its in your blood. the water, the atmosphere, the tourists! hope my love for the place shows in my paintings

justin- it took a while of doing it to work up to that size. several trips are the ticket and loose strokes with large brushes.