Friday, June 1, 2012

SOLD-River Dream-6x8

SOLD- a little ditty done in the backyard of some new friends

the workshop in elizabeth city went great yesterday. tropical storm beryl left the night before leaving clear skies, sun, and beautiful light for us to paint outside in. i have a great class of students who are stoked about painting and are having a blast, many painting outside for the very first time. i know for a fact that plein air painting is very difficult to say the least. i mean, ALL of nature is rushing at you out there, you want to include this and this and this, its all so cool. add on top of that that youre looking at thousands if not hundreds of thousands of colors and values firsthand. no photo to make it all 2 dimensional and average the colors and values for you. kinda of the difference between old tv and high definition! add onto that the fact bugs and bugs(tourists that wont leave you alone) and possibly wind, clouds moving in and out (blocking the sun and changing the scene every ten minutes), and on and on. needless to say it can be overwhelming to all but the most experienced. i'm proud of all the students i've had this past winter and spring/early summer who have braved the elements to go outside and paint the "up close and personal" beauty of nature and catch the reality they see while ignoring the distractions. thats real focus and dedication!

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