Thursday, April 23, 2009

Afternoons Glow on House-6x8-$50

$8 s/h
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Ocracoke Reflections-12x9
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This is a cool building that sits on the backside of the harbor at Ocracoke. love the way the one side was lit up and orangey versus the cool dark red on the shadow side. and of course the fishing nets and an out of place red barrel (which was a nice accent to the green tree and grass.

Last Voyage-8x10

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The last of six today... what!!!.... lets see a 12x16, 6x6, 9x12, 8x10, 6x8, and this 8x10. thats gotta be a record. the sun was great and not a cloud in the sky all day. work 8 to 7:30 yeah it can be done. then blog. get something to eat and check emails. oh yeah!

The cemetery is a place where the sailors of a ship that wrecked off ocracoke are laid to rest. they were british (reason for the british flag) and the coast guard here keep up the place in their honor. next to it is a cemetery for island residents as well. a very beautiful scene in the fading sun, late in the day. these will most likely go to Down Creek Gallery on Ocracoke.


bonnieluria said...

Mike- you've been a one man industry!
Your work is showing the results of repeated " doing " and seeing.
Very impressive. AND time to blog- amazing.

I have to review your DVD again....

Douglas Hoover said...

Hey Mike, really enjoyed painting with you as well and yep, I'm feeling the effects of the sun too. Great job on all your paintings and I really like what you did with the cemetery piece. Looking forward to seeing the airstream again...

Catch up with you soon.

mike rooney studios said...

bonnie- once you get into the mindset doing a lot of paintings seems second nature.
i blog while halfway listening to the tv so i'm multi tasking guilt free tv.

doug- i'm back on "my island" after ferrying all day. got some ferry people shots i'm going to paint the next time its cloudy and i cant paint outside.
thanks for your great energy and passion for painting. see you next time.