Thursday, April 30, 2009

House on Main St.-SOLD

a little ditty from the 'friendly city by the sea' Swansboro. this place has these cool cottages from the turn of the century all over the place. i know i say i love alot of places. i do. every time you paint somewhere for any length of time you fall in love with its particular personality. things and places have personalities and physical properties to them that make them unique to anywhere else in the world.

Boats are this way too. each one in a marina or boatyard is unique and there's not another one like it on earth. its run aground on this side or that, or needs a coat of paint, or was retrofitted here or there particular to the owners preference. so when i paint a town or a boat i think of them as portraits like you do when you paint a face. Ears smaller than average, nose reddish or not, hair unique to that particular person etc. inanimate objects deserve this same "distinguishing introspection". wow i've been waiting awhile to pontificate like this LOL

its all about REALLY seeing...!

on a lighter note--- here's a good day for me.... ive eaten some buffalo wings and smell like paint and bugspray at the end of the day. what can i say... i'm easy to please.

here's one from my ocracoke trip last week.

Not titled yet- 8x10

email me for a price if you like this one

slated for Down Creek Gallery on Ocracoke unless it sells here first!


Douglas Hoover said...

no way, amigo! that totaly rocks! ya know, Mike. we may need to set up an ocracoke painting excursion (kerri settle included)

I'm totally impressed....

mike rooney studios said...

i'm all about that! we three would tear up that island in paint eh?
we could promote it like frank gardner did his Monhegan trip with that cool group of plein air painters.