Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ready to Set the Nets-SOLD


i'm clearing out my studio and i'm letting these larger older pcs. go for the price of my new small ones. Get 'em while they last

This ones from Wanchese on the Outer Banks.

Capt Charlies From on High- 6x8

at Woods Gallery on Bald Head Island

contact me for the price if you like this one.

Was breakfast, lunch and dinner for every biting fly, no-see-um and gnat on Bald Head Island today. the only time i wasnt being chewed up by the critters was on the ferry in the middle of the sound. Jeeez if it aint the weather giving me a fit, its the bugs. gotta love outdoor painting. you can probably see bugs embedded in the paint on these photos. they were thick, buzzing everywhere. havent seen it that bad in years.

On Borrowed Time- 12x12

at Woods Gallery on Bald Head Island

contact me if you like this one and want to know the price

An old boathouse from a friends back yard. The light seems to change color here every hour or so. never get tired of painting this area.


Douglas Hoover said...

Hey Mike, I thought you might be out at Bald Head Island. These pieces are looking great. I'm still on island time at Ocracoke, think i'm ruined. I don't know what it is about us and islands... must be the water... the light... something.

I will be coming down to Southport this weekend and if there's time, I'll try to make it to the Woods Gallery to see the new pieces up close.

mike rooney studios said...

my first of the 'ferry Ride' series is on wednesdays post. thanks for the idea!
painting in Southport?