Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Ferry Ride-SOLD

this ones on a 1 1/2" gallery wrap canvas painted on the sides so no frame is needed! sorry......this photo has just a bit of glare on the dark colors.

This could be a ride on one of the many ferrys we have to get to different coastal islands we have here in NC. lets see... these are the ones i ride regularly..... the one to bald head island from southport. .... the one from cedar island to ocracoke.....the one from ocracoke over to hatteras island... the one from ocracoke to swan quarter... to name but a few. i love how you have to slow down riding them. something akin to having to slow your life down a minute when a swing bridge makes you sit in line for fifteen minutes to get on Topsail Island. we need these little R and R times to keep our sanity in the hustle and bustle world we've created for ourselves.
I love riding ferry's where i can just enjoy the ride!

Airstream in Coinjock- 9x12

Studio Sale for 07 and 08 Work

Large pieces priced at the same cost as my small dailies. these are works from last year and year before. theyve been sitting around my studio and need a good home.

Worked on a commissioned piece today. might get it on tomorrows post once i tweak it a time or two tonite to finish it up.


Douglas Hoover said...

Mike, you captured the ferry boat moment! Great job. Your composition absolutely rocks! I bet this is really striking on the deep canvas.

Steve said...

Mike, the ferry boat is stunning. What an outstanding mix of color and composition...has to be one of your best ever.

mike rooney studios said...

thanks man! i like it on the deep canvas with the sides painted with black(flat) gesso. i think it really looks good with these more 'realistic' looking pieces.

steve- youre too kind... but go on LOL thanks man!