Monday, April 27, 2009

Front St.- SOLD


All this week i'll be offering pieces that have been hanging around my studio and need a new home. i'm willing to give away these 8x10's for the price of my small dailies.

So keep an eye out for them all this week and get in on this great sale!

The weather today was awesome, warm and sunny. i love the warm weather and the waters warming up nicely. painted in the marina this afternoon, but not before a stand-up paddleboarding session in the sound. click here to see what thats all about. you can surf or cruise around in the sound. i want to rig up something that i can drag behind in the water that will hold my tripod and paintbox. then i can paddle to some remote spots on the marsh and paint. if you know how to make a waterproof box that'll float drop me an email.

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