Monday, April 6, 2009

Waterside Parking II-SOLD

Steeples and Palms- 10x8- SOLD

Low Country Side Yard- 10x8- email for availability

Here are a few painted plein air in Charleston and Beaufort. i usually look at them on my "drying/viewing couch" directly across from my "sitting" couch. that way if something really irks me about a shape, color whatever, i can fix it before calling it done. the trick is not to nitpick them do death. they lose their sponaneity when you do. it has to be a glaring problem for me to mess with them after leaving the field.

The Dean Dome-8x10-contact me if you like it

UNC Tarheels- 2009 NCAA Champions- they beat Michigan good 89-72!

The Chapel at St. Mary's- 8x10- contact me if you like it

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