Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ocracoke Cottage-6x6

this one's at Down Creek Gallery now
$100 unframed plus shipping

One of those classic water front rentals from the island. sits right on some beautiful blue-green water. this is off season so i can get right up to them without making the renters mad or suspicious. wont be much longer that i can do these cottage paintings with water in them. everybody has gobbled up all the waterfront property and water access.

Today i was in morehead city teaching a color class and had six wonderful students. the weather was perfect, and we were on a beautiful waterfront. i was showing them how to mix any color imaginable with red, yellow, blue and white. even beginner painters were mixing color like seasoned painters in just a few hours. way to go you girls! you made today seem really easy teachin'!

Ocracoke Morning-12x16

to ask about the price/purchase email me with the title in the subject line

Ocracoke Evening- 8x10


Oyster Creek Crab House-8x6



Steve said...

Mike, man do you crank them out! I bet you never know what time you'll get back to your house when you leave to get milk but happen to have your gear with you!
I really like the way you do your shadow areas-I strive to emulate them, and they really do add a wonderful element to a picture if done correctly. Thanks!

mike rooney studios said...

steve- thanks man
youre right... i leave home and dont get home for a week.
glad you like my shadows. i tweak them just a tad in saturation and that makes them feel light-filled
again... thanks