Sunday, March 9, 2008

Corner of Drayton and Congress-16x12- oil on c.b.

heading north slowly. left floriday yesterday and got into savannah last night so i painted two today. one in the downtown area and one on the waterfront. i'm a sucker for an orange brick bldg and bluish-purple shadows, so when i saw this i had to do it. this is one of the largest knife paintings so far. the colors are so intense when you dont stir em around on the palette. seems to capture the light. using the knife makes you think ONLY large shapes and detail is virtually impossible.
have to tell this story tho' it doesnt go with this painting.
in key west i went out one night and tried a night painting off duval st. so i'm set up a block off the main drag and i'm painting away when a gang of kids ,maybe 10 of em (16 yrs old) see me and start yelling stuff at me trying to impress each other with their bravado. they get to the end of the street and start throwing rocks at me. scared the ^*(*(&*(&* out of me. i'm ducking down behind the easel trying to keep a rock from hitting me in the face. they finally get tired of raining them down on me and leave. so i guess i got stoned in key west didnt i? plein air painters have to deal with all kinds of stuff....
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