Monday, March 24, 2008

Tweaking blog a bit

Across the Harbor 12x12- SOLD-this ones in ocracoke. really liked the foreground shadow from the left hand tree. it wasnt that saturated blue but something rang true and i left it my original block-in color, instead of graying it down like i usually do. i'll store that in the old memory data bank and use it again on another painting soon i'm sure. reminds me of a william wendt painting (one of my favorite calif. impressionists from the twenties and thirties)


Going to change the way i do my blog. winter's over and the warm long days a plein air painter dreams about from october to april have arrived. so i will post many pictures at once several times a week. probably on rainy, studio days. its really hard to post everyday and with picking up another gallery on the outer banks i'm going to have a hard time doing it and paint three or four paintings a day. so look for several images per post instead of everyday.
Haybales 8x10-painted in the same field as the painting "Date with a match" was done in. a really cool place to paint, with that rural feel and no one messes with you.

The Herd 8x10 -SOLD
the light on easter sunday was absolutely beautiful so i painted two. it doesnt get any better than that day. saw this herd of cows and as soon as i blocked it in they ALL moooo-ved to another field. so i had to remember how they looked. just as i was finishing they showed back up.

Southernmost Palm 16x12 -had to paint this from the small study that has been my most popular favorite with blogstalkers, galleries, and folks i showed it to. so here it is big. kept it loose by using big knives and whacking it on there with reckless abandonment.

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