Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Two Skiffs-9x12-oil on c.b.

more "spreading the frosting" today as well. did all four with the knife and its getting me the clean, vibrant colors i'm trying to capture here in key west. the air is so clear right now and it intensifies the colors. plus the tropical vegetation is so green and everything painted here seems to be aqua, pink or yellow. its the caribbean way i guess. the water is green near the docks and my store bought turquoise and a little white is perfect for the water in the distance. i love turquoise so i just need to paint here for a year or so until i'm sick of it right? the wifey wouldnt like that so i better get home soon.
am painting four a day so i'll post them as i go.

if you like this painting contact me before it goes to one of my galleries. $240 unframed

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