Saturday, March 1, 2008

Work in Progress

Olivia at Duvall- 8x6-oil on c.b.

OK we're here in key west. yeahhhhh!
after an allnighter to Delray night before last, and getting up at 5 this morning with a five hour drive south, for a total of 17 hours of driving, we got to Stock Island right outside key west and painted in a marina this afternoon. then robbie, sue (my paint buddies) and me crossed into key west. the place is amazing. lots of quaint cottages called conch houses and palms galore. marinas everywhere, schooner ships and working boats. a plein air painters paradise. great street scenes with people and did i tell you "palms galore"
i did this painting on the corner of duval and olivia. its still in progress because i need to change some things on it. i did one on stock island earlier today of some sailboats and when we got to key west i was itching to get in a sunset/light painting of this scene. the light was slipping fast and for some reason (not thinking i guess) i stroked in the lightpole. its bad for the painting. it cuts the painting in thirds and cuts the group of palms exactly in half. badddd. so tomorrow sometime i'll go back up there, set up again, and paint in some palm trunks instead of the pole. the rest of the painting i'm ok with, i guess. it'll make a good study for a bigger painting because there are parts of it that have potential. i have to remember that everything i do is not going to be a good finished painting. thats what makes the ones that do fire on all cylinders so great. its a rarity and makes that occassional great one all the sweeter right? i'll post more as i finish them. hope you enjoy these painted postcards and they make you warm all over.
note*- its 11 pm and its 75 degrees outside and i got a little bit of a sunburn today on some winter white skin. its a tough job but somebodys gotta do it!

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paintingsbyb.price said...

can't wait to see more work in the keys. Tell sue and robbie hello for me. Hope ya'll have an amazing time.