Friday, March 21, 2008

The Make-Over 20x16

Larger canvases like this require a little different way of underpainting to make the two hour deadline. i used a soupy thin oil paint over the acrylic magenta tonal work. paint more and larger dark shapes than normal. i then take a bigger knife than usual and lay lights on the darker shapes, building form all over the painting. you can do this quick because the darks are so thin. speeds up the alla prima process on these big ones. did the same thing this morning on an 18x24 of an old wanchese farm house. did another in englehard, and the last one of the day was outside pollocksville, painting all along the way back to surf city. got back too late tonite to shoot photos so i put this one on. i'll put todays paintings on after i shoot them tomorrow.
enjoy your Easter...

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