Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Girls Poolside-8x10-oil on canvas

At Pea Island Gallery

this was a challenge this small. lots of tiny shapes on a small canvas. sharpening my knife skills. seeing only values of color and trusting it'll look right. this way of working is scary because it doesnt look like youre going to pull it off until the last 15% of the painting, which is frightening and you just have to calm your nerves and keep going. then at the end, just like a those old polaroid cameras it starts to take shape and BOOM at the end it looks like something. Not for the faint at heart.....


Anonymous said...

Love this - Congrats on your deal with Jerry's.

mike rooney said...

thanks. i hope it pans out. i've been blessed to be able to do what i love and make a living at it. how many people can say that?
this painting will take away the late winter blues huh?