Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Done for the Day- 18x24- oil on canvas

this ones at Seatree Gallery

painting in wanchese today. i just knew one or both of these ladies would pull out before i finished but they didnt. so i named it "done for the day"
you cant see the texture because the cameras too far away to get this big canvas but it has some paint on it. this size will really eat up a tube of paint.
even with the painting butter thickening it up you use a ton. but the feeling a pushing around all that paint is amazing. and if you careful to stay in the respective shape you wont get mud no matter how you slide, cut-into, and finger paint. much of this was done pushing paint around with my fingers.
sorry for the crappy picture but its blowing 40 mph and it wouldnt stay on the easel to get a shot. had to set it on the ground to keep it from blowing across the sound.

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Anonymous said...

Nice piece, Mike.

I know what you mean about texture eating up your paint in a hurry thats why I prep my canvas using Liquitex Super Heavy Gesso. What you can do with it is limited only by your imagination.

If it is too thick for your personal taste it can be thinned using traditional gesso. You can brush it on, apply it with knives or anything else you can think of; you can also sculpt it.

Rather than spend money needlessly on paint, I sketch out the design on the canvas then I texture the canvas using the super heavy gesso. The end result is that I use a LOT LESS paint. The best part being that no one can tell the difference :).

Keep up the good work.

South Burlington, Vermont