Monday, March 3, 2008

You Gotta Eat Right?-9x12- oil on c.b.

Been playing around with the painting knife all day and its soooooo much fun. you mix pure color into the shape until it looks right. the color is mixed by the eye and looks real intense. all these key west pictures on the blog have to be retaken when i get home. theres no good place with good blue AND yellow light like in my studio so some are blurry and some arent exactly the right colors, but i want to post them as i do them so......
this is on the wharf and serves a mean mahi sandwich! got to use my new tube of turquoise in the water on this one. more to come from the southern most city in the u.s.a. just think i could get in a raft and be painting in cuba in a few days from here *)

At Pea Island Gallery

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