Saturday, May 15, 2010

Beach People

here's a beach people painting i'm working on today. i love doing them! theyre a great change up from landscapes and boats. i get bored doing weeks and weeks of plein air and studio landscapes. but in the past i felt very insecure because figurative painters really work hard at their craft, like us landscape painters do concentrating very hard on a narrow subject.thats how you get good at what you do. but i like variety and want to change it up once in a while. will i ever be a great figurative painter AND landscape painter. no. but i love doing them and want them to look good.
check out kathy webers site, my friend and fellow painter in Rhode Island. she's awesome at figures and landscapes! she just told me about a site calle where you can draw animation figures, change their poses and there's even a timer, so it changes on you ready or not! great for these gestural poses.

one the top left i gridded it in to warm up. then i set the timer for one minute and did more gestural stuff

doing them quick forces the mind to find little shapes that are properly related and look fluid versus taking your time trying to get the outline right. thanks for helping me see that with posemaniacs, Kathy! youre the best!

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