Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Parsonage-6x8-SOLD

another off British Cemetary Rd. its the house next to the blue house with white awnings below.

Hurricane House- 6x8
if you like this one contact me or Down Creek Gallery and we'll get it to you
This is an iconic ocracoke cottage called the Hurricane House because it has a blow-by-blow account of the big 1933 hurricane written on the wall. its at the end of a winding road into the cedar trees and when youre here it looks like your on a deserted island. i'm painting this with the water lapping at my feet, so you can see its right on the water. what a view!
as you can see i'm on a knife kick and having a ball.i like changing up things. i get bored easily so changing up things keeps me excited. an unexpected side benefit is that it really helps your brushwork. you have to keep it simple early on with a piece of steel and this translates to doing the block-in, if youre brushing it.


marie christine said...

You always capture the light so perfectly, I'm really enjoying reading your blog !

Boardy said...

Your knife paintings are awesome!

margo said...

These images are all too cool, wish it wasn't a 2 day drive to NC from TX I'd be running around painting things on that island too!

Karsten said...

These two are great! I believe you do even better with the knife than you do with your brushes --Light and color are perfect!

Steve said...

Mike, these two are really stunning! You know I like your work, but these 2 really jump out and grab you. I look forward to seeing more knife work.
Take good care,