Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Inside the Shamrock Pub-5x7-SOLD

Today is day two of three at the New Bern Workshop. yesterday we spent the whole day talking about values and their importance. great group of folks and theyre eager to take their paintings to that next level. a complete understanding of values and their importance is the ticket! values are to painting what ingredients are to cooking. you cant have a light shape unless there is a mid or dark surrounding it. imagine trying to find a white car in a snowy field. change that car to black it sticks out like a sore thumb. a gray car in a snowy field would show up, but less so. same principal in painting. its the proper relation of lights,mids, and darks that make the scene comprehendable. its so easy and oh sooo hard.
a special thanks to jan francouer for opening up her house and studio for the workshop. she's so gracious and such a great artist.
Note: ive got a workshop scheduled in wilmington, n.c. coming up. if youre interested better sign up now because there's only one slot left. we'll paint around downtown some and around the river i'm sure. it'll be a blast.
its the last workshop i'll be doing in NC until november
september- (ten days in tuscany)
october- maryland, rhode island, cape cod.

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