Tuesday, May 25, 2010

View From a Dead End Rd.(Ocracoke Island)-8x10

gotta few finished today
If you like this one, contact me

this is from some VERY private property on the island. i managed to swing permission to get in here for a few hours to paint. i was happy with how this one came out. usually dont do lighthouses but this was too cool a view! some of the houses i'm painting this week are over 75 years old

Blue House on British Cemetary Rd. - 8x10
if you like this contact me

ive wanted to do some knife paintings since i got here, so i decided there's no time like the present. i love layering the rich colors into each other and letting the eye mix it a la cape school technique.
i'll be teaching a workshop on cape cod school technique in Jacksonville NC in june if youre interested in learning how to do it. the dates over on the right sidebar ----------->
The british cemetary has british sailors buried in it that died in a shipwreck here around the turn of the century and flies a british flag in it. its one of my favorite roads to paint on here. lots of old turn of the century cottages and houses everywhere you look.


Anonymous said...

Mike, I love this painting and love Cape Cod school painting. My question is, when you paint that style, do you use your same limited palette or do you add a lot of other colors like most of the Cape Cod Style painters do. The ones I've seen have tons of paint on the palette and that turns me off. I like to use a limited palette. I hope you do too. I can't take the workshop you're going to give (rats!) but would love to see more info on this style especially if you're using a limited palette.
Thanks, Pat

mike rooney studios said...

pat- i dont use a limited palette or one with fifty million colors like some cape painters. mine is a split primary palette with a few additions. about ten colors total. IMHO, limited palette is just that, limited. LOL but do what makes you happy! long as your paintings are coming out the way you want them to look youre good to go.

marie christine said...

Mike, I'm afraid we have trouble getting the emails.
Love your last two paintings !

mike rooney studios said...

marie christine- i'll try to email you. drop me one at rooneystudios@hotmail.com.
thanks for the nice words about the recent paintings!

marie christine said...

Mike, I just got your email and droped you one, hope you'll get it. Let me know.
Thank you !

Justin Holdren said...

Like them both Mike! I know what you mean, everyone has done NC lighthouses 1000 times, so it's hard to find a new take on them, but this one is great!

Bernie Rosage Jr. said...

WOW... definitely glad I clicked on image to enlarge... gave me a chance to see all that awesome knife work! Looks great Mike! Look forward to taking your workshop on the 16th.

mike rooney studios said...

justin- yeah... you gotta be careful how you do a lighthouse to keep the "cheese" factor to a minumum

bernie- thanks man. i'm looking forward to showing this technique to everybody in a few weeks. its sooo fun!