Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bessie- 1993-2010- RIP

i finally did it. put bessie to rest. here's her replacement. found this sweet older highlander and wont have to worry about breaking down on the way to far flung locales painting and teaching.

thanks to jan for letting us use her pottery studio for the workshop. it rained almost the whole time but we did get outside for some plein air work the last afternoon.
i'll be heading out to ocracoke to paint for a week or ten days and cant wait. that island has such a cool vibe to it. i'll post em on here as i complete them.


Judith said...

Nice car! Congratulations! Hope it gets you as many miles as Ole Bessie.

mike rooney studios said...

judith- its great to have something i know will get me around without worrying. i'm headed to ocracoke island tomorrow. last time i went there the transmission went out on bessie, and i coasted into the driveway and had to have it towed to the mechanics shop. no more of those worries for a few years hopefully

Steve said...

Mike, congratulation on the new ride and good luck with it. What a relief it'll be, not having to hold your breath all the way to the Keys or Cape Cod.
Take good care.

Judith said...

Does it matter if you wear sunglasses while painting outdoors? Does wearing them affect how the colors come out? Or have you seen no difference.

mike rooney studios said...

steve- that could sometimes be very scary driving a truck with well over 300,000 mi on it 18 hours out and back several times a year.
hope this one'll get me around as good as the last one.

judith- i wear glasses during the early stages but when i need accurate color mixing,take them off