Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cape Vignette-8x10

Headed to Rowley Gallery- if you'd like it contact me or the gallery and we'll get it to you.

Step One- Charvin brand paint that sort of looks like burnt sienna. i make washes of it with yellow and orange in it for the light shapes and blues and purples for the darker cooler shapes. Drawn on with magenta acrylic paint so that if i have to wipe off the oil it wont wipe off my outlines. sorta discovered that by accident and now its part of my in-studio M.O.

Stage Two- putting in the darks and the lightest light (the sky and the road)

Stage Three- more of the lights and breaking large shapes into smaller shapes. click this photo and look at the big tree to the right with the flowers on it, to see what i mean.

hope you enjoyed this demo.


A Painter's Journal said...

I like the underpainting - and the idea of doing it in acrylic means it won't bleed into your top layers and turn muddy. The orangey highlights peeking through are beautiful too.

mike rooney studios said...

robin- i also like that i can wipe down the oil paint if i dont like whats going on and not lose my drawing. i can always lay in a bright underpainting and paint on top of that to get back to where i want to be.