Saturday, May 15, 2010

I Heart the Beach-6x8

Headed to Rowley Gallery- contact me or them if you'd like this one

Things come together once you lay in the lights. the tough thing is to keep it loose but not sloppy. i like the burnt orangeish shadows against the light flesh. kathy webers been saying in her blog that the figures look good when you lighten up the shadows on the flesh, so i tried to do that in this one. tried also to have a nice variety of warm skin tones and cool ones. the people in the middle-ground were fun to describe in a few strokes.
making sure the shadow shapes are always darker than the light shapes makes life easier! i also kept this very high key by not having any dark darks. this gives the illusion that light is bouncing all around, and its really sunny. like at the beach right?


Warren said...

Love your beach people.........what size brush do you use to do these small 6x8s? Keep up the good work.........sandy

Judith said...

I love the beach people. You can almost feel the sand blowing and smell the salt air. Judy

patricia walsh said...

I like this.......the figures work well. The brightness bathes everything and really pulses.

mike rooney studios said...

sandy- large for this size panel, a no. 6 early on. four later and rigger$ at the end

judith- thats where i hang out so i've got this subject matter memorized LOL

patricia- i grouped all of them into one unit to keep it cohesive and not one here one there (fragmented). the high key makes it shimmer like heat!