Friday, May 7, 2010

Waterfront Glimpse-10x8

This one is headed to Rowley Gallery in Orleans, Mass.

Step one: painted magenta acrylic washes over all the shadow shapes and yellow ochre and orange over all the warm shapes. then i put the shadow colors on in the somewhat realistic colors

step two: paint the "sun shapes" value/color/temperature correcting as i go. had to resize the building on the right, enlarge the house and car in the background, and drop the distant land mass down to correct the drawing right after this pic was taken. compare this one to the finished top photo. all you have to do is scrape the offending shapes off with a palette knife wipe it dry with a paper towel and then redraw with magenta oil (thin) and repaint with heavier paint to correct. dropping the horizon made all the difference in the world.
step three: add variety with subtle changes to all the shapes. up a little and down a little in value, warmer, cooler, less saturated, making every shape different from every other shape.
Break edges and its done!
this scene is in Provincetown and i painted it with my friend and fellow painter Linda last year when i was there on my 10 day paint trip. i love the views down to the water thru the alleys. cant wait to get back up there in july and paint provincetown!
Just got in a big shipment of my instructional DVD's i did for Jerrys Artarama. the titles i got in were: painting a boat scene, painting a rural barn scene, painting beach houses, and one on painting an urban scene plein air. you can order one for $15 or two for $24.99
Add $5 for shipping. drop me an email if you'd like a DVD.


B Bear Jamison said...

These demos are great Mike. Your paintings are beautiful!

mike rooney studios said...

barbara-thanks so much! i'd do the demo's all the time but i usually get so wrapped up in the painting i forget to take the pics :D

Linda said...

Beautiful painting - great shadows and light! Thanks for sharing your process. I always enjoy seeing it and learning from it.