Thursday, March 11, 2010

Big Catch-6x8-SOLD


Jetty Glimmer-8x10


South Florida Abode-12x16

if you like this one drop me an email for price and availability

Ok! the painting marathon is over.... time to kick back and enjoy "key west time" for the next several days before heading back up to NC. i've basically had around two or three days off since getting here. had a great time painting from sun up to sun down, stayed warm, scheduled a date for me to teach a workshop here next winter. taught some private lessons, picked up a great gallery that i'm honored to be a part of, sold one in there already too! stayed warm, and sold a bunch of the little gems online, and stayed warm this winter. oh did i say that already. now its time to slow down now that fifteen paintings have been delivered to the gallery for the new season. i might go standup paddleboarding, or kiteboard some, or just go hang out on the beach. cant wait to get back to mine and i think they said it was like 70 today up there! springs on the way.

hope you got some of the $50 blog pieces while i was offering them because those were my last that i will be selling that low ever again. i'm going to concentrate very hard on not posting everything i do and putting $50 on all of it. i get a really good one and i think man,,,, i cant believe i'll only get $50 for this... it took as long as an 8x10 does and for substantially less money. ive put my miles and miles of canvas in, painting like a maniac for several years now, and now i'm going to slow the pace and do work that will be desirable to those who know a good painting and dont mind paying $20-$50 extra bucks for a nice little gem. there are still tons of daily painters out there who'll paint something for $50 but they arent in over a dozen galleries up and down the eastern seaboard either. just trying to explain that i've got to start making the little ones pay their own way, time/money-wise, and pricing them $75-$100 will go a long way towards that goal.

i want to paint really nice stuff and not give it away, thats all. this will require me to NOT post EVERY piece i paint (like i have been), so that will inevitably drop the amount of paintings sold, but i'm bettin i'll make up for it with really good small ones that sell for $75 and $100 (depending on how much time i spend on it).

still a steal when you consider what a few extra inches would cost you were i selling it framed in a gallery with rent,payroll, lights and other overhead, right? hey... we all gotta make a living!

so dont give up on me over $25-$50 ok? i promise you'll continue to get what you pay for LOL


Linda said...

Great paintings! Have fun on your "off" time in Key West! You've put in a lot of work! Higher prices for your work is a good idea. Your paintings are fabulous!

mike rooney studios said...

thats nice of you to say linda, thanks! just want to slow the pace down some and not rush the painting because i'm only making $25 (paypal fees, daily painter gallery fee, time and materials, taxes) wow maybe i'm not even clearing $25 LOL

Suzanne said...

Great work, Mike.
Sorry I didn't get to Key West while we were in Marco. It was so windy the boat didn't make the trip some days. I see you are going to be in OC, MD in October. I'll certainly be in that workshop. I think your work just gets better and better and your prices should reflect that.
Good luck.

Justin Holdren said...

Hey Mike! I think you will still sell all of them. You have been selling a ton of dailies, and I think it is always understood by collectors that when a painter's work is in demand, the prices have to increase a little to keep up with demand. They are still getting a deal!

mike rooney studios said...

suzanne- yeah, i wondered where you were? it was windy so much this winter wasnt it. fronts coming thru every other day. i went kiteboarding one day in 30-35 mph winds. it was howling.
see you in Ocean City. Do you know where to call to get a spot?
thanks for the nice words about the work. i'm trying to make it better and better

justing- it is a deal when an 8x10 sells for around four to six times the cost (in an upscale gallery) what a 6x8 costs online! granted some 6x8's online (mine included) are garbage but some are just as nice as gallery pieces (mine included)
when you first start out building a base of collectors you have to do what you have to do, but as the work gets better and you cant keep up you have to go up some. you're right in the beginning of this cycle and you'll see what i mean. keep painting every chance you get.i believe thats the best thing you can do for yourself!

mike rooney studios said...
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