Friday, March 26, 2010

Low Tide on the Cape-12x16

contact me for price and availability if you like this one

shipping to the auction at Outer Cape Auctions in Provincetown next week

Finished it up today. liked finishing it over the dry paint where i had all that Liquin in it. this thing will be bone dry in about two days. i can ship it without worry first of next week, ahead of schedule. i'm getting organized eh?

Here's what i did to finish it: took each shape and made one or two paint colors very similar in value but up and down in value (less than half a step). one a little lighter and warmer and one a little cooler and darker. gave it atmospheric perspective by lightening and cooling every shape as it went back in space. tightened up the area around the boat and made all the edges hard right there. this is my focal point and then the secondary focal point is the clouds. made sure that each shape had some nice temperature shifts and loose brushwork. i like how "expansive" it looks. This may actually make it into a much bigger painting since i know it'll look good on a larger canvas. maybe 24x30 or 30x40. we'll see.

hope you liked this in-progress demo.

oh yeah! getting ready to sky dive this weekend with my son. if you dont see any blogs next week you'll know that it was a very crappy landing! LOL


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike... The finished painting is exceptional!! Your style of painting is better than ever. PLEASE make a video of this painting - start to finish -... I'll be your first customer. Did you use palette knives and/or brushes? Thank you for sharing your painting life with us. Julie Reagan, Lafayette LA

Dan said...

Very nice! Love the palette.

Klinger Studios said...

Mike- Thanks so much for the work-in-progress posts. This is especially helpful for newbies and fans, like me. I really hope you'll do more of these!