Friday, March 12, 2010

Todays Sketching-nodp

yes i realize the first three are out of focus but it only complements these value sketches i did today. really wanted to play around with value shapes on subject matter that only looks good because of the abstract shapes they make. we painters usually squint and blur our eyes to see these abstract shapes so when the photos i took were out of focus they were like we would see if we were squinting at a scene, ready to paint it.

trying to keep them very simple and in about three and no more than five values.
it's a paintings abstract value arrangement that makes the difference between a ho-hum painting and one with so much POP it knocks your socks off!

i used pencil on some and a brush-tipped artist marker (middle gray), sharpie bold tip for the extreme dark and let the white of the paper be the lightest value.

these are fun once you start doing them. you get better and better with each one. they train your eye to see values, and help you to organize them better, and therefor a better painter. man, i need to do a bunch of these!

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