Monday, March 22, 2010

Marina Near Midnite-12x9


Did this one night around midnite. nice thing about painting in the middle of the night is you dont have to worry about the light shifting on you. bad thing is, its super hard to mix color with a headlamp on.
its really fun tho'. i'm going to be doing some more really soon


Sheila Brodnick said...

a totally new direction - I like it!

mike rooney studios said...

sheila- ive always loved other peoples nocturnals but i tried it once in key west two years ago and hated what i did, it was awful. i learned about using a headlamp instead of whatever streetlights were out there, and liked mixing color under that a whole lot better. these paintings have a whole different look dont they. very interesting painting night scenes. i want to do a bunch more. thanks for the nice words about it!

Steve said...

Mike, that is a cool item! I can smell the saltwater and creosote on the pilings, just looking at it. You start painting at night now, you'll never get any sleep! I'm buying stock in Red Bull...
Take care...Steve

mike rooney studios said...

steve- painting at night is so cool. you ought to buy a headlamp at lowes and get on out there. you'll love it!
i like it for several reasons. no nosy bystanders, its cooler, and the light never moves.
going to do these alot when its 90-100 during the day. good way to stay painting and stay cool, come summertime