Monday, March 1, 2010

Near HogFish-6x8


A little ditty from Stock Island near Key West. this marina is full of all kinds of cool boaters. those who live on homemade house boats, nice sailboats, and down and dirty working shrimp and lobster boats. the house boats are cool. they actually build a small building on a huge float and tie it to the dock. dont know that ive even seen a motor on the things. but what a view (like this painting) to wake up to!


Linda said...

These boats really catch the eye. Love the reflections in the water. Nice work!

mike rooney studios said...

linda- thanks so much. on the water, i freaked when i saw the complex shapes that were there, so i just squinted and painted what i saw. glad you think it came out ok.

Allen said...
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