Friday, March 19, 2010

Daw Farm Vignette-8x8-SOLD


County Roadway-8x10

One from out in the boonies! dont even know how i got to, or back, from this place. just driving around country roads looking for inspiration. there was something about the perspective of the road, the silos, and early spring colors in this one. you can see that the buds are trying to show on the trees a little. hooray spring!


Linda said...

I just keep looking at "County Road." That road really leads the eye in. I like this composition and the colors. The subject matter is wonderful, too. Just a hint of spring on the way - hooray!!

mike rooney studios said...

linda- you cant help but love it when the natural composition has a great "lead in" in it! i can see a hint of spring in the colors. theyre starting to liven up!