Sunday, March 14, 2010

Last Sunset in the Tree Fort

Counting down. only two more of these left in the keys. sunsets like this one is just one of the many things i'll miss, like outside showers, chocolate covered keylime pie on a stick, crazy people on mopeds and bikes, drunks trying to talk about art, kiteboarding in winds upwards of 30 mph with glass-slick water a few inches deeper than the fins of the board, wearing baggies and flip flops in february!

this is a tree fort nick (my landlord when i'm here) built that is suspended 30 feet up in the trees with a gorgeous view of the sunsets high above the tree line. i sat up there a many a night drinking a red bull thinking how lucky i was to be doing what i'm doing. i want to really give props to my wife for being the best wife a man could have. she puts up with me being gone all the time and never says a word. any guy would be lucky to have one like her. thanks annie! be home soon.


Justin Holdren said...

Mike,great post. I too have a super supportive spouse and that makes a huge difference in how productive I am. She used to be a videographer and editor, so she has a creative side and understands my creative side and why I MUST PAINT! Hope you have a safe trip back. The weather is warming up here in NC!

mike rooney studios said...

justin- sounds like you have a good one too!
glad the weathers getting better, i'm spoiled!

Sharon DiGiulio said...

Mike: I thought that was a view from Nick's Web! Pretty wonderful, huh? See you soon! The peeps are ready to paint here in NC!

mike rooney studios said...

sharon- its a great view up there eh? one of my fave spots to watch big red go down
i'm ready to paint wit da peeps too!
see you saturday