Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Boats and Buoys-6x8-SOLD

My last painting in key west, boohoo. its time to roll up US1 north and points north. have really, really loved being here and i'm sad to leave but glad to see my family, old friends, and paint NC, so until next year....

i'll watch the sun set on top of key wests highest building tonite and think of all the great times i've had here this winter. it'll be bitter sweet, me thinks!

below, i show how i block in the painting so you can see a little into the process.

i use a very large brush these days to lay in the right value, trying to keep the shadows blue and purpley while getting the sunlit shapes warm AND the right value. the whitest shape is the very front of the boat the darkest under the dock at the stern. i judge every other shape off those
"keystone" values. lighter when its lighter, warmer, cooler, you get the idea. its simple and complicated at the same time and shouldnt be attempted by you at home. i'm kidding! go out and paint the shapes you see. you'll get better every time you do. if you end up liking it good, if not, youre only out a couple hours time and $1 in materials. repeat until happy with the results :D


Denise R said...

Good work done there Mike! I love your blog. You always make me smile and teach me something at the same time! I do have a question. After you block in the colors, does it dry some before you continue or is it still wet when you add the next layers of paint? I am used to acrylics and still getting used to these oils!

mike rooney studios said...

thanks. glad you enjoy my ramblings!
its still wet but very very thin. i then tweak as necessary, with thicker paint