Friday, April 9, 2010

Charleston Work-Step by Step demo-8x10

the thing about doing thumbnails (if you went a long time without doing them) is you begin to like seeing your ideas a couple of different ways. you can work out the value shapes and see if you like it vertical or horizontal.

i draw on the tonal shapes using some burnt sienna-looking color from a tube of Charvin paint Jerrys Artarama gave me to try out. i didnt really like it for finish paint (seemed a little "greasy" to me) but i'm going to use it up on underpaintings. i like its orangey-red color. when i want it darker, i added alizarin crimson. all this has lots of thinner and Liquin added. i should say first that i wiped on rose madder acrylic in a thin wash on the white gessoed panel. that way when i want a much lighter shape, i take thinner on a rag, or QTip (if its small) and i can get right back down to the rosy light tint of acrylic. those shapes will get the light shapes on top of them.

here it is with most of the darks applied. you know you did it right when the rosy acrylic represents all the light in the painting. i'll let this paint "set" while i watch my favorite show "the Sopranos" (the PG version on A&E).
next comes applying the sun shapes. now heres the trick- dont let anything in the light (on the top coat) be darker than any of these values.
more when i finish this. cant wait to stick this in some beautiful dark frames i bought from Graphic Dimensions. they really compliement paintings that have rich darks in them like this will have.


Justin Holdren said...

Looking Good Mike! I have been pleased with Graphic Dimensions plein air frames. They also carry that "distressed black" plein air frame that is so popular right now. I really like their Plein Air Gallery line of frames, but they are more expensive than the other plein air lines they carry. Can't wait to see this one finished!

mike rooney studios said...

thanks justin

Tracy Bell said...

Your works deserve the best frames! Don't you love GD? I have a show hanging at Southern Pines until the end of April. If you are in the area it is in the Campbell House.