Monday, April 19, 2010

County Line Homestead-6x8-SOLD

Started this outside yesterday in the field, and finished it in the studio today. i'm working even these small ones longer than i used to. trying to say more without getting too detailed. what a tightrope!
the painting really came together easily except the trees over the house. i hated the shape of them in the real scene so i changed them from imagination and didnt like them. they were too symmetrical and scraped 'em again! did them again. three times is the charm.
this little one might make a nice big painting for the show if i have time. i'll be on bald head island all next week and the show has to be delivered right after that so that only leaves this week to work. i've got a 16x2o in progress that i'm doing from the one i did called Charleston Traffic Jam (a few posts under this one). the underpainting is drying and i'll start laying on the top coat tomorrow.

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